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"Traders ... are investors that
know when to sell."

"Traders without the proper tools
and experience are Gamblers."

Would you like to LEARN how to Analyze a Stock Chart
from a Technical Point of View ?
Would you like to trade using your own Buy and Sell signals
for a Matrix of Stocks ?
... then take a moment and read about what we have to offer
and we may become acquaintances.
If you are "in it for the long term", and by that, mean that you are willing to purchase a quantity of stock and simply hold onto it without regard to whether it is gaining or losing in value or consider how it is being managed by your broker ... then TechChart is NOT for you.  Also, if you are trying to make a quick buck without any risk, worry or effort, then again, TechChart is NOT for you either.  Perhaps one of the sites found at the link at the bottom of this page ( Other Sites ) would be a better value for you.  Thank you for visiting with us and perhaps you may be able to pass us along to a friend of yours.
If on the other hand though, you are interested in Technical Trading and are interested in learning how to read technical charts and indicators; or would like to follow along while we receive buy and sell signals from our TechChart Trading System, then YES, this site IS where you belong !
If you are new to the markets and would like to learn how to trade and want to manage your own funds, then this may be just the place you are looking for to see how others are actually doing this.

This is not just a hypothetical trading system, but rather a live system being employed daily by live people just like yourself with real money at risk with the possibility to win or lose on any given day.

We do NOT believe or subscribe to the thinking of  holding a position "for the long term".  We DO believe in the principal of the Rule of 72 however.  We take the position after the bottom has been defined, and leave the position after the top has been recognized.  While we never catch the very bottom or top, as we can not be aware of where it is until it has occurred, we strive to catch the majority of the trade and continually add to our stack of coins.  We do this by means of a mechanical Technical Trading system which allows us to remain distant to the everyday emotional ups and downs which come via the news media and constant bombardment of exterior influences of daily life.
We believe that you should LEARN how to trade, by familiarizing yourself with all of the mechanics involved with the markets and actual stock accounts, while Paper Trading on a DAILY basis.

paper trade on a DAILY basis !

This is so that you can develop a "stomach" and "mindset" for trading in a live time manner.  If this is done correctly, you will in fact be disappointed when you DO have a winning hand because you will have mentally convinced yourself that you really are in the market with the same risks of losing your money as you would actually have.
Looking BACK at a chart and stating that you "would" have done this or that is NOT, in any manner, close to what you might actually have done if you were actually holding a cash position.
The signals shown on the TechChart charts are reproducible at any time as they are generated from a mechanical trading system.  While in many cases it may appear as though they were strategically placed to indicate hindsight trading, this is NOT the case.  These are actual signals from our trading system and you are more than welcome to watch over our shoulder and paper trade right along with us.
Any and all technical commentaries that we mark on our charts will be there for you to benefit from as well.
We welcome any comments and suggestion in regards to this site and we will gladly review any stock(s) that you would like to submit for us to run through our filters and system trading program. We will report back to you as to how it faired out with no cost to you.  If the stock is worthy of trading, we will be glad to include it in our daily postings.

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