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New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems J. Welles Wilder Jr.
** Japanese Candlestick Charting ** Steve Nison
Beyond Candlesticks (Kagi Lines) Steve Nison
The New Science of Technical Analysis Thomas DeMark
Trading Secrets of the Masters   Joe Krutsinger
The Trading Systems Toolkit Joe Krutsinger
** It's WHEN you sell that Counts ** Donald L. Cassidy
The Nature of Risk Justin Mamis
Market Wizards Jack D. Schwager
The Traders Tax Survival Kit Ted Tesser
Stock Market Logic Norman G. Fosback
Tools of the Bear Charles J. Caes
The Incredible January Effect Robert A. Haugen & Josef Lakonishok
** Understanding Wall Street ** Jeffrey B. Little & Lucien Rhodes
Random Walk Down Wall Street Burton G. Malkiel
The Discipline Trader: Developing Winning Attitudes Mark Douglas
Winning on Wall Street Martin Zweig
The Motley Fool Investment Guide David & Tom Gardner
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